Pre-Election Update

During the past few days the following reports have been received :


All ANC election posters have been removed altogether. On Saturday 18 April residents of Ward 1, a strongly ANC supporting area, alleged that they have been threatened with attack.


While there has been a general improvement in the situation relative to previous elections an unfortunate incident on 19 April has fuelled tensions in Ward 11.

An ANC official while making announcements with a loudhailer used insulting and extremely provocative language about the local, IFP supporting, traditional leader. Understandably the leader and his supporters are angry about the insult and, although the ANC has reportedly undertaken to take disciplinary steps against the official concerned, there are fears that his utterances may spark some sort of retaliation.


On 16 April three houses, reportedly belonging to ANC supporters, were burnt in Lindelani, and the IFP allegedly blocked the ANC from campaigning in the area. Like Macambini, this area has historically been a ‘no go’ one for the ANC. It is also alleged that persons who underwent paramilitary training at eMacambini in 2006 (see )have been deployed at Lindelani and at Ntshaweni

Sweetwaters and Mpumuza, Pietermaritzburg

No action has apparently been taken by the Plessislaer SAPS in connection with cases of intimidation and injury. It is alleged that a police member who is not based at Plessislaer, and who is related to persons allegedly involved in intimidation, has been interfering in the case of assault opened by Muzi Sokhela.  According to ANC supporters in Ward 1, Mpumuza, there have been threats that they will be targeted on voting day 22 April. They are fearful and begging for security force deployment.

Umzumbe area

On Friday 17 April three ANC supporters were injured and required medical attention after a car, allegedly driven by an IFP supporter, drove into them. Those injured were Phyllis Mbele, aged 56, Nomusa Shinga, aged 22, and Solomon Hlongwa, aged 36.  The ANC also claims various incidents of harassment and threat, including in kwaNdelu.

Lower South Coast

During the period 18-20 April there have been reports from Nositha (inland from Margate) and Mtombothi (near Lamont in kwaXolo area near Margate) that IFP supporters, allegedly from another area, have been sjambokking people wearing ANC T-shirts. Cases are being opened with the police.


Based on pleas for assistance from various areas the following are among those* in need for additional security force patrols and the deployment of independent observers/monitors


In some of these areas, including Nongoma/Mahlabatini, Macambini and Waschbank, security forces from elsewhere in the province or country have already been deployed.

There is also a need to deploy some additional police members near specific polling stations in which, based on the current situation, people are fearful that violence may occur. Ideally, police who are not from the area concerned should be deployed in actual or potential trouble spots.

UMZUMBE (Wards 2, 13, 14, 15, 16, 18)

MAPHUMULO Ward 11, especially the OCHENI area

MARGATE – Nositha, and Mtombothi (near Lamont, kwaXolo) voting district

What is absolutely critical is that

  • security force patrols maintain high visibility and are seen to be moving around in the volatile areas
  • they remain in the areas until after the announcement of election results
  • they can be easily contacted by persons in the affected communities, or those who are monitoring the election process
  • there are regionally based components which can respond quickly if there are problems in a specific area on voting day itself

*This list is based on experience in recent weeks. However, there are a number of areas which are relatively quiet at present, including around Eshowe and Melmoth, in which there may still be election-related violence – and hence the need for rapid response police units

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